Automatic Sensor Faucet

Auto Water Sensor Tap Faucet LGFB-2214

Automatic water sensor tap faucet does not require to direct contact with the human body, at the same time, this kind of  auto flow sensor tap can effectively prevent bacterial cross-infection. There is water when you reach out, and the shutdown function of auto water tap sensor faucet can effectively save more than 30% of water.  Bulk automatic sensor faucet for sale directly from water sensor tap factory.

Automatic Water Sensor Tap Faucet LGFB-2214 Specifications

Turns water on and off automatically when auto water tap sensor faucet  infra-red sensor detects hand motion

Kitchen water faucet is touchless, hands-free operation provides a safer, more hygienic experience

Water will run for a maximum of 60 seconds per cycle, saving water and energy by dispensing water only when needed

Auto Water Sensor Tap Faucet LGFB-2214 Features

  1. Advanced hygiene features include easy settings for auto water faucet tap flow flush, thermal disinfection and cleaning

  2. Drain and escutcheon included

  3. Optional power plug (42 464) sold separately

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