Toilet Seat Dampers

Toilet Seat Dampers

Independent research and development toilet seat dampers, popular in the market for 20 years, exported to the United States, Canada and European

When the toilet is dropping, the rotating axis is driven to rotate, and the damping oil is squeezed from the large hole to the small hole through the screw. If the toilet cover is heavy, there will be a certain amount of damping oil in it, and there is a spiral rotating shaft in the middle, which can be slowly discharged from the small hole, thus realizing the soft closing function of the toilet. Damping helps to reduce the resonance amplitude of the toilet seat, to avoiding damage to the structure due to the limit of vibration stress. Damping also helps the mechanical system quickly return to a stable state after a momentary impact.

The Likegro toilet seat damper has been successfully developed since 2012 and has been put into the market for 20 years. It is widely sold in the United States, Canada and Europe market. It is used in conjunction with our own metal hinges. It is one of the best quality toilet seat slow-closing devices in the world today.

Types Of Toilet Seat Damper

How do you adjust the damper on a toilet?

How do you adjust the damper on a toilet?

How do you adjust the damper on a toilet?


To adjust the toilet seat damper, just tighten the two screws on the back of the toilet seat. There is a nylon pad in the damper.


If the toilet seat is opened and closed frequently, this area will be worn, which will affect the cushioning effect, so just tighten the screws on both sides.

What Is A Toilet Seat Damper?

The unique cushioning and shock absorption function of the toilet seat damper can improve the descending of the toilet seat into a gentle movement, which can make it present a slow and rhythmic descending process, which can not only eliminate interference, but also prolong the toilet service life.

What Is A Toilet Seat Damper?
How do soft close dampers work?

How do soft close dampers work?

A close damper is a device that helps objects such as toilet lids, doors and windows reduce acceleration and vibration when closed.

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