D-Shaped Toilet Seat

D-Shaped Toilet Seats for Sale

The D-shaped toilet seat is one of the most common choices in the home bathroom. The D-shaped toilet seat is based on the original traditional shape of the soft close seat, and the appearance is upgraded. The D shaped bidet produced by Likegro adopts sophisticated technology, the appearance is bright and smooth, and the bottom adopts a seamless design, which makes it difficult for dust to adhere and moisture to enter, making it easier to clean and clean.

Likegro produces toilet seats in three categories: UF toilet seat cover, wood toilet seats, and plastic commode seat, providing the best bathroom solutions for different customers and markets. We have an R&D and production team with 30 years of experience, supplying millions of sets each year to the US, Canada, and EU markets.

Types Of D-Shaped Toilet Seat

What Is A D Shaped Toilet Bowl?

What Is A D Shaped Toilet Bowl?


Width/diameter. The width measures from the left edge to the right edge of the toilet bowl.


Length. The length is usually between 15 and 17 inches, and elongated commode or bid D-shaped toilets have a length of 18 to 19 inches. 


Height/Depth. The height from the ground to the toilet seat.


Rough-in. length from the back of the toilet to the center of the drainpipe (at the base of the toilet). 

What you need to think about when shopping for a D shaped toilet seat?

Material: D shaped toilet seat come in various materials, including plastic, wood, and molded wood. Choose a material that is durable, easy to clean, and complements your bathroom decor.

Hinge Type: Consider the hinge mechanism of the D shaped quick release toilet seat. Some seats come with standard hinges, while others have slow-close or quick-release features. Slow-close hinges prevent slamming, and quick-release hinges make cleaning easier.

Installation: Check the installation process and whether the D shaped quick release toilet seat comes with all the necessary hardware. Some seats may have easy-install features, making the installation process more straightforward.

Size and Dimensions: Ensure that the dimensions of the D-shaped toilet seat are suitable for your toilet bowl. Measure the length and width of your current seat to find a replacement that fits correctly.

Cleaning and Maintenance: Consider how easy it is to clean the D shaped quick release toilet seat. Seats with smooth surfaces and quick-release hinges are often easier to clean and maintain.

Brand and Reviews: Research different brands and read customer reviews to get an idea of the product's quality and durability. Reliable brands often provide better products and customer support. There are high quality D shaped toilet seats for sale in Likegro.

Are All D Shaped Toilet Seats The Same Size?

There is no uniform standard for the D shaped toilet seat sizes, and the size of the D soft close toilet seat is also different. And toilets come in different shapes, and not every toilet seat will work on other models.

Inquiry us and find the bathroom fixtures for sale, we’ll be there anytime for you.

How To Fix D Shaped Toilet Seat?

  1. Arrange the included screws in the package according to the hole spacing of the toilet lid

  2. Fasten the expansion screw on the slot and tighten the screw

  3. Install the toilet lid according to the direction of the cover rail

  4. Lock the locking knob on the back of the toilet lid

  5. Different cover plates may require different installation methods, please feel free to contact us for assistance

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