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A basin bathroom faucet is a kind of bathroom water faucet, which mainly acts on the basin in family bathrooms and public places. Basin faucets include both sitting and wall mounted basin faucet. A sitting basin faucet refers to the conventional faucet that is connected to the basin with the water pipe connected to the basin hole. This is the most common faucet installation method now. A wall-mounted basin faucet is a faucet that extends from the wall behind the basin. Its water pipes are buried in the walls. Wall-mounted faucets are now a more fashionable installation method. In the field of bathroom fixtures wholesale decoration, the most common faucets are stainless steel hand wash basin with tap and antique copper sink fauce . And Likegro provides these two with high-quality metal material and supports customer samples or drawings customization. The inquiry we and our service team in Shanghai are at your service 24/7.

Types Of Basin Faucet

Are Tub Faucets Different Than Bathroom Basin Faucets?

Are Tub Faucets Different Than Bathroom Basin Faucets?

Basin Tap Faucet

Faucet for basin and bathroom tub taps are not interchangeable. There is a big difference between the two in terms of water flow and installation type. As well as the unique thermostatic control and hand shower functions of the bathtub faucet, it is an important difference between tub faucet and bathroom faucet.

Can I Use Basin Bathroom Taps For Bathtub?

basin swan neck tap can be technically installed in a tub and it can't deliver the amount of water like a bathtub faucet. Besides, a bathtub faucet is often equipped with hand showers, this is an essential accessory for the bath.

Do Tub And Basin Faucet Have To Match?

In order to reflect the unity of the home decoration style, the tub faucet and the basin taps sink faucets are better to match. However, the separate use of the two will not affect the actual performance. You can choose whether to match or not according to your personal preferences and needs.

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