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Before knowing what a shower set is, we should first understand the classification of shower head for sale. Generally, there are three types of shower and they are hand showers, wall mounted shower head, and side showers (the showers are hidden in the wall to spray the body sideways). According to the way of water, it can be divided into ordinary type, turbine type, strong beam type, and massage type. The bath and shower set in the market are a different combination of the above types of showers according to different needs. Commonly there are wall shower heads and hand held shower sprayer. And matching an ordinary type or strong beam type water outlet methods.

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Types Of Shower Bathroom Sets

How High Install Shower Bath Set?

How High Install Shower Bath Set?

Toilet Shower Set

The height of the shower set faucet is very particular. If it is installed too high, it will be inconvenient to operate at a distance from the human body. If it is installed too short, it is also inconvenient to use it if you have to bend your waist and lower your head to take a shower. Generally speaking, the shower is installed at a height of 71-75 inch from the ground, the top spray is installed at a height of 78-87 inch and the shower control valve is installed at a height of 35-44 inch.

What Is A Shower Set?

Shower set includes shower head, faucet and accessories.

  • Step01  The shower head is divided into three types: wall mounted shower head, hand held shower head and side spray

  • Step02  There are two types of faucets: ordinary single-handle faucets and thermostatic faucets.

  • Step03   There are many accessories for a shower systems, such as valve cores, shower hoses and brackets. Shower sets are consisted of above things.

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