Double Handle Faucet

Double Handle Kitchen Faucet

Compared with the single handle faucet, the dual handle kitchen faucet occupies a larger area, but it is powerful. Its most obvious feature is that it has two handles that can adjust cold and hot water respectively. If there are small children in the family, then the design of this two handle kitchen faucet is safer and avoids scalding when the hot and cold water is adjusted.

At the same time, the double knob kitchen faucet has more room to play in the shape design, so users can configure the 2 handle kitchen faucet according to their own preferences and the home decoration style.

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Types Of Double Handle Kitchen Faucet

How Do I Fix A Leaking Double Handle Faucet?

How Do I Fix A Leaking Double Handle Faucet?


Fasten the dual handle kitchen faucet, use a wrench to turn it counterclockwise to remove it, and roll the threaded part of the threaded hole outwards five or six times clockwise with wind mark tape.


Check whether the 2 handle kitchen faucet is properly adjusted, and then screw it in clockwise with the water spigot wrench. After the installation is complete, turn on the main switch to see if there is still water leakage.


If the water from the 2 handle faucet is getting less and less, it may be leaking, because the water-stop disk of the faucet is stuck with sand and gravel, it is recommended to find a professional repairer to clean it.

Which Is Better Single Or Double Handle Faucet?

Since the single lever kitchen faucet can be continuously adjusted, it is more convenient to use, but because the flow of cold water and hot water changes at the same time during adjustment, the single handle faucet is suitable for the pipeline hot water supply system of central heating. The double handle faucet is richer in shape and more artistic than the single handle faucet. Secondly, the cold and hot water of the double handle faucet can be adjusted separately, so it can avoid the occurrence of flame out of the gas water heater, so it is suitable for the water supply system that uses gas water heaters and other separate heating systems for households.

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