3-hole Faucet

Three Hole Kitchen Faucet

According to the internal structure of the faucet, it can be divided into single hole faucet, 2-hole faucet and 3-hole faucet, the difference lies in the number of water outlets. 3 hole kitchen faucet can also be subdivided into laboratory 3-hole faucets and general household 3-hole faucets, and their overall structure is roughly the same.

The difference between the three hole faucet and other faucets is the difference in the number of water outlets. In actual life, the faucet with 3 holes is universal, because the 3-hole shower faucet has two water inlets.

Likegro's 3-hole faucet, while taking into account the beautiful and fashionable shape, also puts quality first. We use non-ferrous metal pure copper through precision casting and the faucet body is processed by machining, grinding and polishing, surface chrome plating, etc. The coating of the faucet body generally passes the neutral salt spray test. , to ensure that there is no rust phenomenon within the specified time limit and to ensure that the coating will not peel off for life. Buy kitchen tap directly from Likegro.

Types Of 3-hole Faucet

Are All Three Hole Faucets The Same Size?

Are All Three Hole Faucets The Same Size?

3 Hole Sink Faucet

Not all 3 hole utility sink faucet is the same size, it needs to be sized according to the sink that is not in use.

And usually, there is a standard hole size for kitchen and bathroom faucets is 13/8 inch, however, the size of the faucet hole can vary depending on the specific brand and model.

How To Measure The Three Hole Sink Faucet Size?

Calipers are one of the most commonly used measurement tools in the industry. We often use calipers to measure the length and width of objects, as well as the outer diameter of objects, the inner diameter and the depth of holes. In daily life, we can also use vernier calipers to measure the aperture of the faucet.

  1. Check the vernier caliper: whether the zero point is aligned, whether the parts are complete, and whether the sliding is smooth.

  2. When measuring the outer diameter, first push the ruler frame larger than the outer diameter of the object to be measured, and then measure.

  3. When measuring the inner diameter, first push the ruler frame to be smaller than the inner diameter to be measured, and then measure.

  4. Then comes the reading of dimension data.

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