2-hole Faucet

Two Hole Kitchen Faucet

Two hole kitchen taps are divided into two types 2-hole and two-handle-controlling, and 2-hole single-control. The 2-hole and two-handle-controlling faucet has two water inlet pipes for hot and cold water, and is controlled by two handles respectively. When use a kitchen faucet with 2 holes, the water temperature can be controlled by adjusting the two handles. The 2-hole single-control faucet, is the most common type of 2 hole kitchen faucet. It has two water inlet pipes, supplying hot and cold water respectively, controlled by a single handle.

Likegro quality kitchen faucets use good valve core, with brass as the main material. The two hole faucet interface and outlet are exquisite in workmanship. It's perfect flawless, even after pressing it with a finger, the fingerprints will spread out quickly, and it is not easy to attach stains. With well multi-layered electroplating surface, this 2 tap hole kitchen taps have the function of non-fading, corrosion-resistant, and can be used for a long time.

Types Of 2-hole Faucet

The Difference Between A 2 Hole Faucet and 3 Hole Faucet?

The Difference Between A 2 Hole Faucet and 3 Hole Faucet?

2-hole faucet and 3-hole faucet

The difference between the two hole faucet and three hole faucet lies in the number of water outlets. The kitchen faucet with two holes is generally a household kitchen faucet. Its structure has two water inlets and one water outlet, which can be connected to both hot and cold water pipes at the same time. It is a mixer faucet. 3-hole faucets are commonly used in bathroom fixtures wholesale, with two water inlets and two water outlets. It not only to connecting two hot and cold water pipes, it can also be connected to a shower head, which is often used as a bathroom faucet at home.

How Do I Know If I Have A 3 Hole Faucet?

The 3-hole faucet is a universal faucet, it has two water inlets and two water outlets, the distance between the two inlets is 15cm, and their distance can be adjusted by curved feet. If your faucet has separate hot and cold handles, you have a 3-hole faucet.

Can You Put A One Hole Faucet In A Two Hole Sink?

You can use two separate one hole kitchen taps, one for hot water and the other for cold water, that is not mixed. Or use a 2 hole bridge kitchen faucet, that faucet mixes the water above the sink rather than below it.

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