Tub Faucet

Bathroom Bathtub Faucet

A bathtub water faucet is a bathroom facility that is installed in the bathroom and has the function of mixing hot and cold water to control the size of the water flow during bathing. Bathtub water tap's main body is made of high-quality brass casting, surface finishing, electroplated ceramic valve core, and a reversing device is set at the spout position to change the direction of the mixed water flow either directly into the tub taps or from The hose flows towards the shower spray. The outer layer of the hose is made of aluminum alloy chrome-plated and the inner layer is a synthetic material that is resistant to high temperature, high pressure, corrosion and high strength and flexibility, and is non-toxic, harmless, and without any side effects. Likegro offer types of tub faucets at wholesale shower diverter price directly from China.

Likegro bathroom water faucet is not only small and exquisite, but also has a simple and elegant design with very smooth lines. Whether in terms of appearance or performance, it is the best choice for families. Inquiry bathroom hardware for sale.

Different Types of Bathtub Faucets

Replacing Bathtub Fixtures With No Wall Access?

Replacing Bathtub Fixtures With No Wall Access?


Close the valve switch at the main water inlet.


Remove the cover on the faucet handle and use a hex wrench to loosen the screws inside.


Use needle nose pliers to pry open the clips around the cartridge.


Install a new cartridge inside the faucet.

Can I Replace Just The Tub Faucet?

If your tub faucet is old or broken, you can easily replace bath tub shower faucet yourself with a new one. The process is the same whether you're using a single-handle faucet or a faucet with multiple controls. If you want to replace the faucet handles, you will need to remove them along with the valve stem that bath tub handles is attached to the pipe.

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