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Focus on texture and quality, using high-quality brass material, the multi-layer electroplating surface will never fall off

Washroom faucet usually have the function of mixing hot and cold water. Due to frequent use and direct contact with the human body, users should be extra cautious when choosing bathroom bathtub faucet and choose high-quality bathroom water faucet.

Likegro's bathroom water faucet are mostly made of high-quality copper, chrome-plated or nickel-plated on the surface, bringing a delicate, smooth and burr-free look and feel. The bathroom fixtures for sale has an attractive luster when in use, and also has extremely high anti-wear and anti-corrosion features. If you purchase Likegro bathroom faucets offline, you can also tap the sink shower tap with your hand and hear the dull and heavy metal voice, indicating that the shower water tap and sink shower tap are made of sufficient materials and be in good quality.

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Types Of Bathroom Water Faucet

Changing Shower Fixtures

Changing Shower Fixtures

First, turn off the main water valve at home, open the faucet, and release the water and pressure in the water pipe.

Use a wrench to unscrew the faucet upside down, as slowly as possible to prevent the faucet from breaking in the water pipe.

Prepare the new bathroom basin faucets or bathroom tub taps, wrap the new faucet screw around the raw material tape about 15 turns in the positive direction.

Align the new faucet with the water pipe and tighten it.

Open the main water valve, if there is water leakage at the faucet connection, you can turn it around again, or remove the faucet and add raw material tape.

Replacing Bathroom Taps

Replacing bathroom faucet and drain is not as difficult as you might think. You can use a pot wrench and some other common tools to handle this. Usually it can be done in tens of minutes. 

Installing New Bathroom Faucet

Usually it can be done in tens of minutes. If you need to attach a new shower water tap to the sink, the steps are the same.

Are Most Bathroom Faucet Sets Standard Size?

In addition to specially customized brass bath faucet and stainless steel bathroom taps, faucets are also manufactured according to four different hole spacing. They are single hole bath faucet, widespread bath faucet, vessel bathroom faucet and wall mounted bathroom taps.

Are Most Bathroom Faucet Sets Standard Size?
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