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Bathroom Robe and Towel Hooks

Robe hanger can be installed not only in bathrooms, but also in hallways, kitchens, and bedrooms to hang household items such as coats, scarves, clothes, keys, hats, towels, handbags, and robes. The robe holder can bear about 10kg, even winter coats, coats and backpacks can be hung.

According to the number of hooks, they can be divided into the following types: single robe hook, double bathroom hook, hook rail and movable clothes hook.

Likegro shower robe hooks and shower towel hooks are made of copper, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and zinc alloy. Stainless steel robe hooks, copper towel hook, aluminium robe hook and have good adhesion (wall mounted towel hooks or towel hooks self adhesive), the surface is as smooth as a mirror, and can be designed into different shapes according to the market and customer needs to match the home decoration style.

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Types Of Metal Bathroom Hooks

What Is The Use Of Personalised Towel Hooks?

What Is The Use Of Personalised Towel Hooks?

Adhesive Hand Towel Ring

According to the classification of use, the robe hook can be divided into: bedroom robe hook, kitchen robe hook, bathroom robe hook, children's room robe hook, study robe hooks, public places robe hooks and furniture robe hooks. It is suitable for almost all small objects that can be hung on a daily basis, including clothes, hats, keys, accessories, fitness equipment and toys, etc.

Where Do Modern Towel Ring Go?

  • Step01  Bathroom. Install the clothes hook in the bathroom, you can hang towels, bath towels, various toiletries or sachets on it, so that the towels can be better ventilated and drained

  • Step02  The entrance. Nail a robe hook at the entrance hall, and you can hang your bags, coats, etc.

  • Step03  The bedroom. Installing robe hooks on the bedroom door can store clothes and spare the clothes storage space.

Do Robe Hooks Work For Towels?

Bathrobe hooks are not only great for hanging robes, they are also great for hanging towels. A towel rail usually take up round 24 inches of bathroom space, and if we don't want a large towel rail in the bathroom or the bathroom itself has very little space, then the bathrobe hook will be suitable for hanging towels.

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