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Round Toilet Seats for Sale

When we put the toilet seat down, we can not only use it as a stool but also effectively reduce the odor in the bathroom. In addition, when we flush the toilet, the water pressure is large, and the bacteria in the feces are easily suspended in the air, which will pollute the air and environment of the bathroom to a certain extent. At this time, if we put the toilet seat down, it can well block the spread of bacteria, microorganisms and other substances in the toilet, so as to ensure the freshness of the air in the toilet and let us have a clean and hygienic living environment.

Likegro produces round commode seats in different materials, there are UF toilet seat, MDF toilet seat and solid wood toilet seat round. Among soft close toilet lids, the MDF and molded wood toilet lids are equipped with Likegro's own precision-manufactured metal soft closing hinges. We produce accessories and one-stop production of the whole set, with first-class quality supply and sales all over the world.

Types Of Round Commode Seat

Buy Round Toilet Seats in Different Sizes and Colors

Buy Round Toilet Seats in Different Sizes and Colors

Round Circle Toilet Seats

Toilet round seats come in many sizes, depending on the soft close toilet installed in the bathroom. But there is a regular range of sizes for round toilet lids, which are 13-15 inches wide and 16-18 inches long. In addition, the circle shaped toilet seat and the elongated oval toilet seat has a great similarity in shape.

Decorative Round Toilet Seats

Likegro cusom slow close round toilet seats have various colors to choose from. 

Gray round toilet seat

White round toilet seat

Black round toilet seat

Why Do They Make Round Toilet Seats?

  1. The round is a traditional shape in design aesthetics and therefore has a more versatile look

  2. The round saves more material than other toilet seats, so the price is also a little cheaper

  3. More suitable for smaller spaces or where the door clearance is tight

  4. More suitable for small children

Can I Put A Round Toilet Seat On An Elongated Toilet?

A elongated round toilet seat can be technically installed on an elongated toilet, but the fit and comfort could be compromised and it is not recommended. The shape of the toilet seat should match the shape of the toilet so that the seat can completely cover the slender toilet rim, thereby avoiding exposure to the toilet rim.

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