Toilet Seat Hinges

Toilet Seat Hinges

Top Quality Toilet Seat Hinges, Producing More Than 10 Million Sets Per Year, To the US, Canada and European Markets

Likegro is the manufacturer of different types of toilet seat hinges. The toilet seat lid hinges are fitted in the toilet seat and the silicone oil dampers in the hinges are developed and produced by our own bathroom fitting company.

Likegro's commode seat hinges factory was established in 1992. The 30 years of development have made us a world-class supplier of soft close toilet seat metal hinges. As an accomplishment, we have established long-term cooperative relations with world-famous companies such as Kohler, Bemis, Canada Centoco, and British Kalamata.

Types Of Toilet Seat Hinges

Our toilet seat hinges are divided into zinc alloy toilet seat hinges, brass toilet seat hinges, stainless steel toilet seat hinges, and plastic toilet seat hinges. Owing to our excellent product quality and high service level, we supply more than 10 million different toilet seat hinges to the world every year.

We welcome your inquiry for bathroom fixtures wholesale at any time or provide you with free samples.

How Do You Protect Slow Close Toilet Seat Hinge?

How Do You Protect Slow Close Toilet Seat Hinge?

Likegro slow release toilet seat hinges have an excellent slow-down function.

Protect Soft Close Toilet Hinges

These functions protect the toilet seat and hinge itself from damage while maintaining the quiet of the home.

Material of Soft Close Toilet Seat Fittings

At the same time, the Likegro slow close toilet hinges are made of zinc alloy, brass and other quality metals as raw materials, and the surface is multi-layered by electroplating process, which will not be damaged and fall off after very long time of use. So our soft close seat hinges, such as stainless toilet seat hinges and brass toilet seat hinges don't require additional protection.

Can You Replace The Soft Close Toilet Seat Hinges On A Toilet Seat?

 Usually, the connection between the soft close seat and the toilet is fixed with screws. Just use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws and then remove the hinge. Do the same when installing the slow close toilet seat replacement hinges.

Can You Replace The Soft Close Toilet Seat Hinges On A Toilet Seat?
Are All Soft Close Toilet Hinges The Same?

Are All Soft Close Toilet Hinges The Same?

Not all toilet seat hinges are the same standard and size. Generally speaking, toilet seat hinges are divided into top fixing and bottom fixing.

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