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High-quality brass bath faucet will have exquisite craftsmanship on the surface, polished and electroplated, so the surface looks as bright as a mirror. After the copper material is electroplated, the product feels heavy to the touch, and its surface resistance is relatively large, which is also one of the methods to test the quality of the faucet material. At the meantime quality, brass faucet valves are generally made of ceramic materials, bathroom water faucet have good sealing performance and wear resistance.

Likegro has a mature brass bathroom taps manufacturing line, mass-produced brass faucets are affordable, and also has an independent design and R&D team, which can meet the needs of different consumers bath fixtures wholesale according to different market needs.

Types Of Brass Bath Faucet

Is Brass Good For Antique Copper Faucet?

Is Brass Good For Antique Copper Faucet?


The copper ions in the antique brass bath faucet can effectively kill bacteria in the tap water, which is a function that other faucets do not have.


Brass colored bathroom faucets have good wear resistance and are easy to process. Most of the brass bathroom shower fixtures are made of fine copper.

Do Gold Brass Bathroom Faucet Tarnish?

The brass gold faucet is made of high-quality refined copper, and the surface is multi-layered electroplating, which is smooth and flawless, and brass bar sink faucet has excellent anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion effects even under high temperature. High-quality Likegro brass utility faucet will not tarnish for years of use.

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