Shower Basket

Bathroom Shower Basket

The bathroom is an important place for a family to bathe and relax. It is also through the combination of different shower shelf basket and large sanitary ware that we create a comfortable bathroom space.

The bathroom accessories provided by Likegro includes: bathroom caddy basket, towel rail rings, bar soap dishes, metal robe hooks, bathroom paper holder, tub safety grab bar, toilet soap dispenser and more. Through the strict and fine production process, shower storage basket is created with a smooth and exquisite appearance. The surface of the hardware has multiple layers of electroplating, and the surface of the product presents a delicate and uniform effect. Bathroom accessories shower baskets also avoids oxidation and rusting in wet environments.

Types Of Hanging Shower Basket Caddy

What Is A Soap and Shampoo Basket?

What Is A Soap and Shampoo Basket?

Metal Corner Shower basket

The shower basket is a mesh metal storage rack suspended in the bathroom. It effectively utilizes the wall space to store and organize toiletries such as facial cleansers, shower gel, soap, comb and toothbrushes.

Where Do You Put A Shower Basket?

The bathroom toilet accessories are installed by the principle of being convenient for people to use, and it also takes into account the beauty and safety. For installing a shower basket the general location is to choose a location next to the nozzle, where the hands are often and easily touched, about 50 inch to 60 inch from the ground. You can choose bathroom suction basket and hanging shower basket according to your demands.

Why Do You Need Bathroom Caddy Basket?

The bathroom organizer like a shower caddy can hold scattered daily necessities bottles and cans, making the bathroom clean and tidy. And after the bathroom items are organized, it is more convenient for us to use.

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