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Sleek and angular, the square commode seat is perfect for the modern bathroom. Pair it with some dark tiles and a matching square sink for a luxurious hotel look to your bathroom.

Likegro's square toilet lids are mostly made of high-quality UF materials, with excellent surface gloss, anti-static and anti-dust performance. With its own antibacterial effect, toilet square seat is more beneficial to human health than soft close seats made of other materials.

When the square seat toilet is flushed, many bacteria will fly up due to the water pressure, and the square toilet seat can effectively block the splash of bacteria due to its square and open shape. At the same time, the square loo seat can effectively reduce the sound of flushing when it is kept closed. The shape and structure of the square toilet seat is clear, and many buckets choose this shape to match the decoration style.

Types Of Square Toilet Seats

Are Square Toilet Seats Standard Size?

Are Square Toilet Seats Standard Size?

Square toilet seats

No, as toilet seat for square toilet come in different styles, there is no uniform size for all soft close toilet seat sale. To find the best square toilet seat for your toilet, you need to measure your toilet.

How Do You Measure A Square Commode Seat?

Testing a square toilet seat is very simple, you need to prepare a measuring ruler, and then measure the square toilet set size from the four dimensions of length, width, height and fixed hole distance.

  1. length: place one end of the tape measure between the fixing holes and stretch to the very front of the toilet.

  2. Width: measure the widest point of the entire toilet pan.

  3. Height: measure the distance between the fixing hole and the tank or wall.

  4. Please pay attention to the distance between the 2 fixing holes, as these fixing holes sometimes vary from seat to seat.

Are Square Toilet Seats Comfortable?

Square shaped commodes are generally considered more comfortable than traditional shapes. Because a square toilet seat provides more support under a person's thighs when in use, just like a chair.

In addition to this, the opening in the square toilet seat is also a bit larger than other shapes of toilet seats, and this ergonomic profile provides users with the same comfort level for long periods of time.

Square toilet seats aren't for everyone, but they do offer a striking, bold look and adapt to edgy home decor styles for comfort and support.

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