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The bath handheld shower heads is a shower that mounted on a fixed or movable stand, connected by a shower pipe, and can be freely moved or grasped by people within a certain space.

There are several water outlet methods for bath shower heads handheld, which is related to the distribution of the water nozzles. The common types are mixed water, shower water and massage water. And there are two main ways to switch the water outlet: rotary switch and button switch. The bath water makes our hands slippery, so in bathroom shower head sets operation the key switch is easier than the selection switch, and the price is relatively high.

Likegro’s bathroom shower heads handheld maintain high quality and using ceramic valve core, after repeated opening and closing for a long time, there will be no water leakage. Welcome to inquiry us if you have any interest in our bathroom fixtures for sale.

Types Of Hand Held Shower Sprayer

What Is A Hand Held Shower Nozzle For?

What Is A Hand Held Shower Nozzle For?

Hand Heldshower Head

Hand held shower head set is the most commonly used in households on the shower market at present. They can not only move freely, but also can be fixed on the shower rack. Except for bathing, the hand held shower head can also powerfully rinse the bathroom floor after pulling up the hose, even the corners can be cleaned. For families with pets and small children, a hand shower can also help parents bathe them.

Are Handheld Bath Showers Better?

Hand held shower head allow people to control the spray head in their own hands and wash any part of the body at will. As well as the ability to stretch the hand shower to help clean bathroom floors and corners. For families with young children, the hand shower can also help parents clean their child's body and hair, while keeping the shower gel away from the child's face.

Is A Handheld Shower Faucet Set Necessary?

The hand held shower head have four main function: normal watering, massage, foaming, and spraying. The surface of the hand shower adopts electroplating technology, multi-layer electroplating mirror effect to protect the surface from and bright as new after long-term use. The shower adopts easy-to-clean silicone nozzle which has excellent anti-corrosion performance and the dirt can be wiped away easily. It is the most suitable for children and home bath for pets.

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