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Likegro wooden toilet seat is divided into MDF soft close wooden toilet seat and molded soft close wooden toilet seat, each wooden commode seat is equipped with metal soft-closing commode seat hinges produced by our own factory. Likegro is currently the only manufacturer in the industry that supplies a complete set of soft close toilets, from accessories to whole piece 30 years of deep cultivation in the bathroom industry, only making first-class quality products, making us won the long-term cooperative relationship with international first-line customers such as Kohler, Bemis and Centoco etc.

We provide one-stop service for bathroom fixtures wholesale, from the development, testing, mass production and shipment, all of which are completed by our own team in USA, Shanhai, Ningbo and Xiongan. Long experience and innovative pioneering spirit make us have the ability and confidence to make every toilet seat product required by customers. We are always there to serve you.

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Why Do People Use Wooden Seat Toilet?

Why Do People Use Wooden Seat Toilet?


Compared with plastic commode seats, wooden toilet seats have higher compressive strength.


The wooden toilet seat has a better matching effect in home decoration and is a device that highlights the taste.


The toilet seat with wooden surface is more comfortable, especially in winter, the wooden material is warmer than the plastic material.

How Long Does A Wooden Lavatory Seats Last?

One of the main benefits of loo seats wooden over plastic is durability. Wooden wc seats tend to be quite a bit thicker (and heavier) than plastic ones, and as you can expect, are less likely to break. Likegro's high-quality wooden toilet lid that lasts until you want to change styles of it.

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