Elongated Toilet Seat

Elongated Toilet Seats for Sale

The elongated toilet seat is a common household toilet seat. Elongated bidet toilet seat is mostly made of quality UF material, with a smooth surface like porcelain, and can also be printed with various patterns. The elongated UF toilet seat is wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, and has its own antibacterial function. Because of its long and open shape, it is more comfortable for most people to sit up, especially those sensor and elderly people with limited mobility.

Likegro has an experienced R&D team, which can customize soft close toilets of any shape and style for customers. And product development and testing can be carried out according to samples or drawings to ensure that the final product meets the high requirements of clients.

Types Of Elongated Commode Seat

Elongated Toilet Seat Sizes

Elongated Toilet Seat Sizes

Elongated Bidet Seats

Due to the variety of toilet styles, there is no uniform size for the matching elongated toilet seats on sale. But the elongated toilet seat has a longer length than other shapes, about 18-19.5 inches. You will need to measure your toilet to find a suitable elongated toilet seat.

Is An Oblong Toilet Seat Better?

Use a comfortable elongated toilet seat so that your bowel movements fall forward when you go to the toilet. The defecation falls in the front and the water seal is low, so that the object will not fall into the deep water and prevent the water from splashing.

And the front position of the toilet is just the confluence of the water flow, and the flushing effect is stronger.

How Do I Know If I Have An Extended Toilet Seat?

You can tell whether the toilet seat is round or elongated by a simple measurement. Measure the length of the elongated cushion toilet seat from the center of the toilet seat bolt hole at the rear of the toilet to the front edge of the toilet. A round toilet measures approximately 16.5 inches. The elongated bedside commode measures approximately 18.5 inches.

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