Paper Towel Holder

Bathroom Toilet Tissue Holder

The bath tissue holder is a roll paper holder installed in the bathroom for shelving or storing paper towels. The main purpose is to use it in the bathroom. After using the bathroom roll holder, you don't have to worry about the water splashing the paper towels when you take a bath, and it is very convenient to use. It is precisely because the loo roll basket has a wide range of applications, in order to meet the needs of various places and occasions, contemporary toilet paper holder has developed many kinds. Types of paper towel holders, what types of modern toilet roll holders are there? At present, the common tissue holder in the bathroom market is made of plastic or metal materials, and the stainless toilet paper holder is the most popular.

There are two types of paper towel holders: vertical paper towel holder and horizontal hanging paper towel holder. The upright paper towel holder consists of three parts: the bottom plate of the paper towel holder, the cylinder shaft and the top cover of the paper towel holder. 

When using the horizontally hanging paper towel rack, the iron hanger should be disassembled first to make it in a straight line. Then take the central tube of kitchen paper towel to measure the length, and then stand the sides of the hanger upright. 

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Types Of Paper Towel Holder

Top Paper Towel Holders

Top Paper Towel Holders

Good Materials

In the high humidity environment of the bathroom, good materials determine the experience and longevity of a paper towel holder.

Metal Tissue Holder

A nice metal paper towel holder has a smooth and delicate surface and don't have any burrs when touched by hand. Stainless steel toilet paper holder has the features of anti-corrosion, long-term service life, and never rust. A nice copper toilet paper holder always be with multi-layer electroplating surface, first-class texture, and durable quality.

Where Do Paper Towel Holders Go?

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) bathroom planning guidelines, the optimal height for toilet paper holders is 26 inches above the floor.

What To Consider When Buying The Best Paper Towel Holder

The environment of the bathroom is humid, and the water splashes when taking a bath. In order to prevent the use of paper towels from being wet with water, choose a pipe toilet roll holder with a shielding design. And now many people are accustomed to bringing their mobile phones to the toilet. For the sake of mobile phone safety, it is best to have a style with a shelf design.

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