UF Toilet Seat

UF Toilet Seat

Urea-formaldehyde toilet seats use water-soluble resin material. The UF seat covers production process is mainly to grind the raw materials into powder, and then make them under high pressure. This material is easy to cure, non-toxic and colorless, not easy to change color, wear-resistant, non-yellowing and other characteristics, very suitable for bathroom use. UF toilet seat cover has outstanding advantages in wear resistance and scratch resistance among all soft close toilets, and is very easy to clean.

The surface of the urea-formaldehyde toilet seat is unique delicate and smooth, with a ceramic texture, so half of it is used on relatively high-end toilets.

Likegro's UF soft close seat cover is also very aesthetic while taking into account the quality. We can customize any surface pattern according to customer needs and can produce cover plates of different shapes of soft close toilet seat sale, including round, oval, u-shaped, d-shaped, v-shaped, etc.

Types Of UF Toilet Seat

UF Seat Cover Advantages

UF Seat Cover Advantages


Urea soft close toilet seat's material comes with antibacterial function, very suitable for sanitary hardware.


UF toilet seat covers are easy to clean, and daily cleaning of marble soft close toilet seat does not bring any damage to the cover.


After long-term use, Likegro UF soft close seat covers will not change color or fade.


Urea formaldehyde toilet seat has the texture of the ceramic version, which not only brings beauty but also scratches resistance.


The surface gloss of resin seashell toilet seat is excellent, with anti-static and anti-dust function.

The Differences Between Toilet Plastic Seats And Urea Formaldehyde Toilet Seats

  1. PP toilet seat is a plastic toilet commode. This product is formed by hot melt, which has a large deformation and curvature, and is not easy to break. The disadvantage is that it is not wear-resistant and may turn yellow over time.

  2. The urea-formaldehyde (UF) toilet seat is a new type of plastic material, which is formed by high temperature pressing after the raw materials are pulverized. The texture is hard, wear-resistant, and will not turn to yellow after long time usage.

  3. The cover plates of both materials have the characteristics of cushioning.

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