Single Hole Faucet

Single Hole Kitchen Faucet

The single hole kitchen sink faucet is mainly composed of a spiral valve core, which relies on the rotation of the valve stem to generate displacement through the thread to achieve the effect of opening and closing the water inlet hole. When the valve stem is rotated, the threads are engaged, so that the sealing end of the valve core moves forward and backward. When the valve core is twisted in, the water inlet is sealed, and the water outlet is sealed by the sealing end of the valve core to achieve the alternation of cold and hot water.

A  single hole kitchen faucet is a faucet with only one water inlet and one water outlet, and only one of the cold water pipes or the hot water pipes is connected. Common 1 hole single kitchen faucet include single cold basin faucets and single cold dish basin faucets.

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1 Hole Kitchen Faucet Types

How To Run Water Lines To 1 Hole Kitchen Faucets?

How To Run Water Lines To 1 Hole Kitchen Faucets?


A single hole faucet mounts over a sink or counter with one hole, rather than three hole faucet like other larger faucets.


A single hole kitchen faucet use only one handle and mixes cold and hot water at the spout. Aside from the layout of  this kind of kitchen faucets, the 1 hole kitchen faucet is connected to the water supply line in the same way as other 2 hole faucet and 3-hole faucets.

Are Single Hole Kitchen Faucets Better?

It depends on what function you need of a kitchen faucets and the size of the basin space. If all you need is a separate supply of cold or hot water, then a 1 hole kitchen faucet will be better. And this type of 1 hole single kitchen faucet is relatively short and small, if you have a small basin and bathroom space, then it can save you space.

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