Wall Mounted Shower Head

Wall Mount Rain Shower Head

The wall mount rain shower is fixed in the bathroom and above the person's head, so people don't need to hold the shower with hands when taking a bath. which makes it more convenient to take a shower. The wall shower heads has a large water outlet area, and the water flow can cover the whole body while bathing. The water comes down from the head, giving people a comfortable bathing experience.

Likegro bathroom shower head sets are well-designed, with protruding nozzles for easy cleaning, or the nozzles are made of silicone material. The scale deposited on the nozzles can be wiped off with a rag or hand when cleaning.

The surface of the adjustable wall mounted shower handset holder has multi-layer electroplating, making it bright and delicate. It is made of a ceramic valve core with extremely high hardness, which is smooth and wear-resistant while preventing dripping.

Types Of Wall Mounted Rain Shower Head

Different Types of Wall Shower Heads

Different Types of Wall Shower Heads

Handheld Wall Mounted Shower Heads

There are two common appearances of shower head bracket wall mounted on the market: round shower head and square top spray. Although the mainstream cannot jump out of the two shapes of "square and round shower set", under the distinction of shallow and shallow shapes, the actual top spray details are diverse and exquisite, mainly reflected in the spray surface design and the distribution of water nozzles. The size, number, density and shape of the spout are related to the user's shower experience. Therefore, a good top spray will distribute the nozzles scientifically and reasonably according to the unique shape of the spray surface.

Benefits of Using Shower Head Filters

The wall mounted shower head is fixed in the shower room, you do not need to hold it with your hands when taking a bath, and free your hands. The wall mounted shower head has a large water outlet area, and the water is from scratch up and down, making cleaning more comfortable. In addition, the wall mounted shower head can remember the water temperature you used and keep constant temperature, so it will not be troublesome to adjust the water temperature every time. Inquiry for bathroom hardware for sale.

Can You Just Replace A Shower Head?

Yes, the wall mounted shower head can be replaced individually, the operation steps are very simple, you can easily solve it at home.

Screw the shower head to the water outlet of the elbow, connect the hand spray, shower head and hose, and then connect to the transfer switch, and install a water sealing washer for each connection.

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