Smart Toilet Seat

Smart Toilet Seat

As one of the top home smart toilet seat manufacturers, we bring improvement items that can improve happiness,  intelligent toilet seats have entered more and more homes. However, there are many types of smart seat toilets on the market. It is not easy to choose a suitable wc toilet. The smart toilet with all the functions and environmental protection is a truly excellent soft close toilet lid, and that’s what Likegro bathroom fixtures wholesale company is committed to providing.

Types Of Smart Toilet Seat

Is an Intelligent Toilet Seat Worth It?

Is an Intelligent Toilet Seat Worth It?


There are many folds in the human body structure, which cannot be completely cleaned by wiping with paper towels. Only by repeated washing with water jet can it be cleaned in place to prevent the growth of bacteria and ensure your hygiene and health.

More Convenient:

The one-key operation of the smart toilet solves the many inconveniences of backhand wiping after the elderly and children go to the toilet. Self washing toilet seat is a combination of intelligence and technology, one-key operation of various functions such as hip washing, woman cleaning, drying, etc., smart wash & dry electric bidet toilet seat providing a more cleansing effect and cleaning experience.

More Humane:

The seat ring of the smart toilet is automatically heated to a suitable temperature for the human body. In winter, there is no need to be afraid that the cold ring cover will stimulate the skin and bring discomfort. In addition, the smart heated toilet seat's night light function also brings great convenience to people who go to the toilet at night.

How To Install Smart Toilet Seat?

The size of the toilet must meet the requirements of the cover. Different brands and sizes of soft close toilet lids have different requirements for the toilet. But the basic parameters are mainly the following four points: 

A. The distance from the water tank to the front end of the toilet seat. B. The distance between the mounting hole and the seat ring. 

C. Distance between mounting holes. D. The distance from the water tank to the mounting hole.

  • Step01Reserve water pipes and power jacks. Since warm water is required for cleaning, the bathroom naturally needs to reserve a special tap water pipe for the smart toilet cover, instead of using recycled water that has been filtered through circulation. In addition, you need to reserve a power jack to supply power to the toilet lid.

  • Step02First remove the body fixing plate of the smart toilet cover, then fix the fixing plate on the toilet with screws, and then press and fix the smart toilet cover to the slot. Finally, a special reminder is that the power-on debugging should be carried out after the water is passed.

  • Step03Install the installation base plate on the ceramic body, first insert the bolts into the fixed installation holes of the ceramic body accurately, then place the installation base plate and the installation steel plate flat on the installation space, and place the installation plate and the installation base plate with the ceramic installation left and right fixing holes. Spread evenly, and then fasten the set screws in place.

  • Step04Fix the smart toilet cover on the ceramic body, hold the smart toilet cover flat with both hands, align the fixed position with the installation bottom plate, and slowly push it in until the smart toilet cover and the installation bottom plate are completely fixed in place.

In the installation of smart toilet water supply, each connection point such as ceramic water supply hose, body water supply hose, and double pressure reducing valve must be installed in place, otherwise, water leakage will occur, resulting in indoor water accumulation.

How To Install Smart Toilet Seat?
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