Tub Safety Grab Bar

Tub Safety Grab Bar

The tub safety grab bar are handles that installed in the bathroom or water closet to maintain balance or support human bodies. Bath shower tub grab rail can help people in and out of the tub and especially effectively prevent the elderly and children from falling and slipping on the slippery ground.

Likegro's bathtub rail safety grab bars are probably made of these materials: copper chrome, stainless steel chrome and aluminum alloy chrome. They adopt a streamlined design with high metal density, heavy weight and firmly overall structure. After the bathtub security bars surface is processed by multi-layer electroplating, it has strong corrosion resistance, and the skin does not peel off, and not fade, and it will not easily rust even in the bathroom supermarket environment.

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Types Of Tub Safety Grab Bar

Where Should Bathroom Tub Grab Bars Be Installed?

Where Should Bathroom Tub Grab Bars Be Installed?

Safety Grips for Bathtubs

Families with elderly and young children can avoid falling in the bathroom. It is necessary to add safety handrails for bathtubs. Safety grab bars should also be added on the side of the toilet, shower room, and the side of the bathtub. People can pull the grab bar to use force, which can help the they stand upright, and prevent from falling.

What Is A Tub Safety Bar?

The tub safety bar in the bathroom is a handrail that is firmly installed on the side of the bathtub to help people get in and out of the tub safely before and after bathing.

  • Step01  If there are elderly people at home, it will be more convenient to get up after taking a shower.

  • Step02  The bathroom is wet and slippery. Installing a tub safety bar can avoid the risk of accidentally falling when bathing.

  • Step03  The manufacturer produces various styles of tub safety bar, which can be decorative in the bathroom.

How High Should Bathtub Grab Handle Be Installed?

  • Step01.  The height of the safety grab bar of the bathtub is 60cm from the bottom of the bathtub

  • Step02.  The height of the toilet safety grab bar is between 50cm and 60cm

  • Step03.  The disabled toilet can be installed with upper and lower safety grab bars. The height of the upper floor is set at 90 cm, and the height of the lower handrail is set at about 65 cm.

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