Toilet Seats And Bathroom Hardware Technical Help

Technical Help

Likegro has a first-class research and development team in the industry, while constantly integrating domestic and foreign advanced technology and equipment, training excellent technical personnel. Our Elite team have been to the United States, Europe and other overseas markets many times for advanced scientific research and production technology. We have 23 domestic advanced patent technology, 8 quality certification, 11 enterprise trademark now. Our R&D and technical staff to provide comprehensive and efficient development of solid support in Ohio , Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Toilet Seats And Bathroom Hardware After-sale Service

After-sale Service

Likegro has a professional and energetic after-sales service as an international team. Adhere to the customer service need of timely, meticulous, patient, positive feedback attitude. We will respond within 4 hours after receiving customer requests and 24 hours service in place. Committed to creating value for customers through leading products and quality services.

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