Zinc Alloy Toilet Seat Hinge

Zinc Alloy Toilet Seat Hinge

Likegro is the world's leading manufacturer of zinc alloy toilet seat hinges. And the zinc alloy hinges are the most shipped of all products.  All zinc alloy hinges we produce have a soft closing function, because the dampers inside are also developed and produced by ourselves. Owing to the excellent quality and meticulous service to our customers, we have the achievement of supplying more than 10 million soft close toilet hinges to the global market every year.

We have cooperated deeply with international first-class sanitary enterprises such as Kohler, Bemis, Canada Sentoko, British Kalamata, Germany Villeroy & Boch for decades.

Types Of Zinc Alloy Toilet Seat Hinge

Why Choose Zinc Alloy Toilet Seat Hinges?

Why Choose Zinc Alloy Toilet Seat Hinges?


Zinc alloy has good casting performance and can be die-casted into precision parts with different complex shapes and thin walls as required, and the surface of the castings is smooth and smooth. It can meet the customized toilet lid hinges of customers to the greatest extent.


Zinc alloy lavatory seat hinges have a variety of surface treatments that can be done, such as electroplating, spraying, painting, polishing, grinding, etc. This advantage is mainly to allow the hinge to make a more colorful appearance, and at the same time to minimize the production cost so that the zinc alloy hinge products can meet each different market.


The zinc alloy commode lid hinges have an excellent texture, are a high-end toilet seat accessory, and have excellent wear resistance.


After 30 years of development, Likegro has established a mature industrial chain covering soft close toilet lid research and development, mold manufacturing, die casting, machining, surface treatment (electroplating and painting), etc., and has strong development and production strength. 

We always insist on quality first, customer first. If there is anything you would like to know about our products and team, please feel free to contact us.

Can You Replace The Zinc Alloy Toilet Seat Hinge On A Toilet Seat?

After a period of use, the hinge of the toilet seat can be worn or damaged. You can replace the toilet seat hinge and the toilet seat can work normally instead of replacing the entire toilet seat.

The hinges are easy to replace, a simple task that requires no skill or experience, as long as you use the right wrench and tape measure. You can try replacing the hinge yourself or contact us to guide you online.

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