Brass Toilet Seat Hinge

Brass Toilet Seat Hinge

Likegro has 30 years of brass toilet seat hinges production experience. 

Compared with hinges of other materials, the brushed brass toilet seat hinges have its own strength, such as its excellent mechanical properties are suitable for the manufacture of various shapes. After chrome-plated or nickel-plated, solid brass toilet seat hinges have good corrosion resistance and will not be easily damaged even if it is used for a long time in a humid environment like bathroom. Furthermore, with the damper products independently developed by ourselves, Likegro commode seat hinges have a first-class slow-down function.

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Types Of Brass Toilet Seat Hinge

Are Brass Toilet Seat Hinges Replaceable?

Are Brass Toilet Seat Hinges Replaceable?


After long-term use of the soft close toilet lid, the hinge part can be broken or fallen off. If the toilet cover plate is intact and usable, the hinge of the toilet cover can be replaced separately. Replacing and installing the hinge is very simple and can be done at home using a Phillips screwdriver.

How To Clean The Hinges On A Toilet Seat

Likegro brushed brass toilet seat hinges surface is multi-layer electroplated, which has excellent dirt and corrosion resistance. If the hinge gets dirty, wipe it gently with a dry cloth and the hinge will be clean as new.

How to Remove Green Tarnish From A Brass Toilet Seat Hinge

Likegro brass toilet seat hinge adopts three-layer electroplating process, which has excellent anti-corrosion function, and the surface will not easily turn green. If the hinge surface appears green stains, do not use chemical cleaners or acidic liquids to clean it, just wipe it gently with a dry cloth.

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