smart bidet toilet seat

Smart Wash & Dry Electric Remote Control Bidet Toilet Seat

Compared with the traditional toilet bidet seat, the intelligent toilet seat is more convenient and can effectively solve the hygiene problems caused by toilet paper and paper baskets. After using the smart wash & dry electric remote control bidet toilet seat, warm water is automatically sprayed out to rinse and dry with warm air.

The flushing function of this kind of remote control toilet seat of smart wash can not only remove the dirt after defecation more comfortably and effectively, but also increase the massage function through the movable nozzle to meet the different flushing needs of men and women. Especially the design of double nozzles, provides buttock cleaning and feminine cleaning, cleaning in place.

Specification Of Smart Wash & Dry Electric Remote Control Bidet Toilet Seat  LGST-2101

installation type:

above bowl



seat style:

closed front

inside ring:

8'' W


4''H * 15'' W * 20''D

Features Of Smart Wash & Dry Electric Remote Control Bidet Toilet Seat LGST-2101

  1. Power cord length: 1.5 meters

  2. Water supply mode: direct connection of water channels

  3. Use water pressure: 0.08MPA-0.8MPA

  4. Operating temperature: 3-40 degrees

  5. Remote control type: radio frequency remote control

  6. Heating method: instant heating

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