What to Do When Your Kitchen Sink Faucets Are Broken?

We need to cook in the kitchen every day, and the use of the kitchen sink makes cooking easier and more convenient. The kitchen sink faucet is an essential structure in the kitchen sink. However, after long-term use, there are always various problems, such as kitchen sink faucet leakage. Everyone knows that if the kitchen sink faucet leaks, it will affect our use. So, how should we deal with the kitchen sink faucet leakage? Let Likegro explain it with 1 hole kitchen faucet example.

Reasons for kitchen sink faucets leakage

If the faucet outlet leaks, it is due to the wear of the axis gasket inside the faucet. If the gap between the lower part of the faucet and the buckle leaks, it is because the triangular sealing gasket inside the pressure cover is worn. Kitchen sink faucet leakage may also be caused by leaks at the joint, and the reason is that the cap nut is loosened at the middle position of the valve core. This phenomenon is caused by valve core damage. The faucet still leaks after the valve core is closed. This phenomenon may be caused by the loosening of the pressure cap, which causes the valve core to loosen and cannot seal the water.

How to deal with kitchen sink faucets leakage?

Turn off the water supply valve

Remove the small screw on or behind the handle above the faucet or remove the handle attached to the main body of the faucet. Some screws are hidden under metal buttons, plastic buttons, or plastic sheets. Open the button, and you will see the handle screw installed on the top.

Remove the handle and check the components of the kitchen sink faucets

Use large pliers or an adjustable wrench to remove the packing nut and be careful not to leave scratches on the metal. Turn the valve core or shaft and screw them off.

Remove the fixed washer screw

If necessary, use penetrating lubricating oil to loosen the screw. Check the screw and valve core, if they are damaged, replace them with new ones.

Replace the old washer with a completely identical new one

A new washer that almost matches the old washer can generally make the faucet stop leaking. Make sure the replacement washer is exactly the same as the original.

Fix the new washer on the valve core and then reassemble the components in the kitchen sink faucet

Rotate the valve core clockwise. After the valve core is in place, reinstall the packing nut.

Reinstall the handle and reinstall the button or disc

Turn on the water supply again and check if there is still leakage.

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