3 Ways to Help You Easily Solve Toilet Cover Maintenance

When the toilet seat at home is damaged or has some minor problems, many people do not know how to repair the toilet seat. The following will introduce 3 methods of toilet cover maintenance to help you further understand and choose some reasonable maintenance methods. You can also make a reference when you carry out home repair and maintenance.

Ⅰ. Maintenance of the slow drop damping of the toilet cover

1. Check the soft close seat first. Put down the upright toilet seat. If the toilet seat can stay in any position and fall slowly and evenly, it means that there is no problem with the toilet seat. If the toilet lid or seat cushion snaps down quickly, it means that the damping system slow-down system is faulty.

2. Next, press the inside of the pin at the connection between the toilet cover and the toilet to the outside, and then lift the toilet cover up, so that the toilet cover can be easily removed.

3. Then take a right-angled hexagonal wrench, use the short end to insert one end of the pin from the outside, push it hard to the inside, the pin will come out at this time, and finally take out the pin on the other side.

4. The two pins removed are the damping and slow-down system of the toilet lid. It generally consists of an inner and outer cylinder and a viscous damping fluid sealed in the cylinder. The failure is due to the leakage of the damping fluid due to poor sealing, and it is difficult to maintain and can only be replaced. After dismantling, measure the dimensions of each part, and purchase the same type of pins according to the structure.

5. Install the pins on the toilet lid in the reverse order of the removal. Then, align the two holes on the pins under the toilet lid with the two small uprights on the toilet, and press down to install it, which is very simple.

6. After the installation is complete, check whether the toilet cover and toilet seat can stay in any position. As long as it can stay at any position, it means that there is no problem with the damping and slow-down system. It is worth noting that the toilet will be dirty after a long time. Disassemble the toilet cover according to the above method, which can be easily cleaned.

Ⅱ. Repair of loose toilet cover

1. First, you need to wipe the toilet lid with a damp cloth, and the hygiene must be done well.

2. Then check the purchased screws to see if there are any missing parts. If they are missing, they should be purchased in time.

3. Next, let's look down. Below the toilet, there are nuts for fixing the screws of the toilet cover, and they are manually stacked.

4. After the nuts are stacked, gently remove the toilet cover, and remove the remaining or damaged screws and screw slots.

5. Install the newly purchased toilet cover screw slot on the toilet cover after installing the screw slot, align the two screw holes on the toilet, and install it.

6. Install the new paired screws and nuts where the nuts are stacked, so that the repair of the loose toilet cover is completed.

Ⅲ. Intelligent toilet seat maintenance

If the smart toilet cover is damaged, it is generally impossible to repair it by yourself, because the smart toilet cover is equipped with a special flushing device, which is not completed by a simple structure. Therefore, when repairing, it is best to find a local professional staff to come to the door for inspection and maintenance. The design of the smart toilet cover is more refined and the function is more complete, so it is easy to affect the use of the toilet cover if you are not careful.

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