Installation Method for Handheld Showers

Understanding handheld showers

Many people use bath handheld shower heads for bathing, and compared to other bathroom products, handheld showers are simple, easy to use, and affordable. Handheld showers are generally the most suitable for home use because they can be hung up for rinsing or held in the hand for bathing, making them very convenient to use. Of course, there are many brands of handheld showers on the market, so be careful when choosing. If your family uses handheld showers for bathing, do you know how to install them? Installing a handheld shower is simple, but if you don't pay attention, it can also affect its performance.

Brief introduction to handheld shower installation

Determine the installation height of the handheld shower

When determining the installation height of the handheld shower, the installer determines the most suitable height based on the user's situation, making it easy to use in the future.

Determine the distance and height of hot and cold water holes

The center distance of the hot and cold water holes of the handheld shower on the market is generally 15 cm, with two "S" connectors that can be adjusted appropriately. The error cannot exceed 1 cm.

Color matching

Handheld shower faucets are mostly made of stainless steel, with a strong modern feel and high fashion sense. Choose shower rooms, bathroom frames, and other bathroom products with stainless steel frames in the same color tone for wall tiles, such as black, to enhance the modern feel and boost the fashion sense of the bathroom.

House type matching

Handheld shower faucets are suitable for various types of home decoration. Simple shower rooms can be matched with handheld showers, occupying a corner of the bathroom and displaying a simple and stylish look. If the house is larger, you can choose a double-handle faucet with a drainage function, which looks grand. For small households, you can choose a single-handle faucet which is small and delicate, suitable for home use.

What types of handheld showers are there?

Handheld shower

The hand held shower head set can be held in the hand for easy rinsing, and the shower holder can be fixed in place. 

Overhead shower

The shower head is fixed at the top of the wall, and the holder is built into the wall, without the function of lifting, but the shower head has a movable ball to adjust the angle of the water, which is flexible to move up and down. 

Positional shower

The shower is hidden in the wall and sprays from the side to the body with many installation positions and water spraying angles, providing cleaning and massage function.

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