Buying Points for Kitchen Faucets

There will be faucets in the kitchen, which can also meet our use. But its requirements are very high, because the frequency of water use is also very high, so when choosing, we need to understand its characteristics. What are the characteristics of kitchen faucet wholesale? In this way, when choosing a faucet, we will also choose the quality that is assured for us to use. When choosing a kitchen faucet, you must choose high-quality products, which will be very convenient to use and help improve our quality of life.

1. What are the characteristics of kitchen faucets?

When you are at home, the kitchen faucet can be rotated 360 degrees, and the kitchen faucet should be higher to be more convenient to use. In order to meet various needs, the kitchen faucet should be rotated left and right, and it can be used in both the left and right sinks. The faucet of the faucet can preferably be rotated 360°.

Pay attention to whether the length of the faucet can take into account both sides of the sink. It is convenient to use. Pay attention to the length of the basin and the faucet when purchasing. If the kitchen is a double basin, you must pay attention to whether the length of the faucet can take into account the sinks on both sides when rotating. Most of the kitchen faucets are now It can realize the left and right rotation of the faucet body, especially the pullout spray faucet can pull out the faucet, but one hand is needed to hold the faucet.

Ⅱ. What are the main points of choosing a kitchen faucet?

1. Look at the material, although there are many faucets on the market, choose according to our needs. However, a good faucet will be more sophisticated in the selection of materials, and the products produced must have been inspected by relevant institutions. When you choose, you can see whether the surface coating is uniform, the color is bright like a mirror, and there are no spots, then the quality of such a product will not be bad.

2. Looking at the material of the valve core, the valve core can be said to be the "heart" of the kitchen faucet, and the components are very important. directly determines its service life. However, the quality ones are made of ceramic spools, which have strong wear resistance and good sealing performance. Generally, they can be used more than 300,000 times. On the contrary, the faucets of poor quality are mostly made of copper and have a shorter service life.

3. The purchase of kitchen faucets depends on the bathroom hardware for sale after-sales service. In addition to ensuring the reliability and environmental protection of their quality, you can rest assured. It is also important to see how the after-sales guarantee is. It is usually recommended to choose products from big brands, which are not only reliable in quality, but also absolutely guaranteed in terms of after-sales service, so that we can use them without worries.

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