Installation and Precautions of Towel Hanger

Towel hanger is a very important product in our family, which can help us to place towels and other products. After purchasing a towel rack, how to install it to ensure its effectiveness?

Towel hanger installation method: Determine the position

After preparing the tools, we also need to choose the installation location. The choice of towel rack installation location is relatively important. Unliked suction cup towel racks, even if it is installed in the wrong position, we can adjust it as we wish. On the other hand, the position of this fixed towel rack cannot be adjusted. Generally, we install the bathroom door towel hangers at the same level as the eyes, ensuring that we can reach the top level products when we stretch out our hands.This position can be determined according to the actual situation. After determining the position, mark out the location of each punching hole. Here, a ruler can be used to measure the specific hole spacing and ensure the level of the towel rack as much as possible.

Towel hanger installation method: Punching

Drill small holes at the marked locations. It is not easy to operate when drilling holes on tiles. We need to pay attention to the depth of the holes and try to ensure that the holes are equal in length to the expansion screws. In this way, the towel hanger can be more secure and beautiful after the expansion screw is fixed.

Towel hanger installation method: Installation

After punching the holes, put the plastic part of the expansion screw into the small hole, then put the towel rack on the wall, insert the nail into the hole to fix the bathroom shelf and towel rack, and tighten the screw cap with a screwdriver. After fixing the four corners of the towel rack, the entire installation process is completed.

In the installation process of the towel bar, be sure not to use nails and hammers to punch holes, because tiles are fragile and are easily shattered under uneven force. Since the electric drill has a relatively high speed and strength when drilling holes, it can maximize the integrity of the tiles. Therefore, never use a hammer instead of an electric drill.

The above is the installation method of the towel rack introduced for everyone. I hope you can refer to it in the future when purchasing and using the towel rack shelf, and install it according to the methods introduced above. I believe it will definitely bring very good installation results and make it more convenient for us to place towels.

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