Kitchen Faucet Replacement

Ⅰ. How to remove the kitchen faucet and replace it with a new one?

1. First close the water gate of the faucet at home. There is usually a water gate next to the water meter, and there will be a small opening under some dishes. It is more convenient to use this small water gate. Then reach under the sink and unscrew the faucet retaining screw. Usually, you can unscrew it by hand, and after removing the old faucet, connect the two inlet hoses to the faucet. At this time, the interface is long and short. It is said that this is for the convenience of installation. Install the short one first, and then install the long one.

2. Then screw the two water inlet hoses into the reserved holes of the sink, and fix the faucet with the nuts below. The other end of the water inlet hose is connected to the water inlet pipe, if you are a hot and cold faucet, remember to distinguish it. Wrap the waterproof tape and tighten with a wrench, open the water inlet valve, and check for leaks.

Ⅱ. Kitchen faucet replacement precautions

1. Some water inlet hoses have been used for a long time, and the fasteners will rust or catalyze, making the water inlet hose unable to be unscrewed. In this case, oil droplets can be placed on the rusted area, and then the basin faucet is removed.

2. One hole kitchen taps are commonly used kitchen faucets in many households. When installing, pay attention to the basic fixation. The mounting screws and nuts of the faucet must be secured to avoid loosening of the faucet.

3. When installing the constant temperature water head, it should be noted that the faucet water pipe is divided into cold water and hot water. During the installation process, it needs to be installed separately. Don't mix them or the faucet won't drain. Also, don't forget to install hot and cold water filters.

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