Tips for Buying Face Basin Taps

As the facade of the entire bathroom, sanitary ware is particularly important when purchasing. A good sanitary ware can not only play a decorative role, but also affect people's mood. Face basin taps are the most used products in daily washing. The installation of the faucet is also important to purchase. There are different installation methods for the face basin taps in different places. Many people do not know the installation skills. So what are the purchasing skills of the face basin taps?

The purchase skills of the face basin taps

Material selection: Look at the material to see if the body of the faucet and the electroplating layer on the surface are smooth and smooth. This is because, in humid environments such as kitchen and bathroom spaces, the surface of the faucet is generally chrome-plated, but the same is chrome-plated, and the process treatment is very different. According to the introduction of the merchant, a good tube body is made of all-copper material, and the surface should undergo grinding, polishing, dust removal, nickel plating, chrome plating and other treatment processes to ensure that it will not turn black, blister and fall off during use. Generally speaking, from From the surface of the faucet, the brighter and more delicate it can be seen by the naked eye, the better the coating process is.

Selection type: Face basin taps should be divided into double holes and single holes. Now more single holes are generally used, and the switch of the face basin tap is usually above the faucet. Choose a faucet that suits you, and there is no big difference in style. There is room for choice. At present, it is generally European style and current simple style, mainly in terms of cost performance, and choose products at different price points according to your own needs.

In addition to considering the three basic characteristics of material, electroplating and valve core when purchasing a basin faucet, the basin faucet also needs to be divided into wall-mounted and vertical, single-hole and double-hole, single-hole and single-hole according to the installation position and opening of the faucet. Cold and hot dual use, and the washbasin has a lot to do. At present, there are several types of washbasins on the market: on-counter, Taichung, and off-counter. According to these types of basins, the height of the faucet is determined. Generally, the faucet that needs to be raised for the above-counter basin and the Taichung basin. At present, the vertical dual-hole washbasin faucet is the most used in home decoration. The single-cooling product is mainly suitable for installations without hot water sources such as public places.

Most of the modern bathroom face basin taps are recast in copper, and there are also faucets made of stainless steel. Copper cast faucets are generally electroplated with a bright and smooth coating on the surface to form a bright surface texture and feel. In addition, the key factor that determines the quality of the faucet is the valve core of the faucet. A good valve core has a high degree of durability and is not prone to a series of problems such as water leakage, and can achieve effective water saving.

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