Selection and Installation Height of the Bathroom Towel Holder

Height of the bathroom towel holder installation

With different demands in people's lives, the styles of bathroom towel holders are also very diverse, which meets the needs of different users. For different styles of bathroom towel holders, the height of installation in the bathroom is also particular. After determining the location where the bathroom shelf and towel holder is to be installed, different bathroom towel holders may be used depending on the installation location.

In terms of bathroom towel holder styles, there are single and double pole bathroom towel holders. When installed separately, it is recommended to be about 1.5 meters from the ground. There are also toilet towel ring, towel bars, and bathroom towel holders made up of a combination of them. When installed separately, the bath towel ring holder should be 0.9-1.4 meters high from the ground, and the bathroom towel holder should be 1.1-1.2 meters high from the ground. Considering the installation location of the bathroom towel holder in the bathroom, if it is installed near the basin, the best installation height is the height that is convenient to take and put, and the installation height of different bathroom towel holders can be selected according to the installation height of the different bathroom towel holders, if it is installed near the bathtub, it is generally installed above the bathtub and opposite to the faucet, which is more convenient to use. The height from the ground can be installed at 1.6 meters. If it is installed in the shower room, the best height is the height that people can easily reach when standing there. The height of the bathroom towel holder should be the most suitable for use.

Selection of the bathroom towel holder

Bathroom towel holders are generally divided by material into stainless steel bathroom towel holders, aluminum alloy bathroom towel holders, and all copper bathroom towel holders; by function, they are divided into movable bathroom towel holders and regular bathroom towel holders; the size of bathroom towel holders can also be classified according to the size of different home bathrooms to more reasonably meet the needs of different sized bathrooms.

In terms of materials, copper and chrome plating are more prone to rust and stiffness; space aluminum does not rust; pure copper does not rust but the price is expensive. Copper is used for a longer time, so when buying, pay attention to the weight. Some very thin copper is not good, and also pay attention to the electroplating process. The electroplating process with poor quality will generate copper green after a long time.

Some merchants use cast iron materials to impersonate all-copper or copper-zinc alloy hardware, so you can directly hold the bathroom towel holder for 2-3 seconds and then release it. If the fog and traces disappear quickly, it is copper. If the fog and traces persist for a long time, it may not be copper.

The bathroom towel holder has many styles, so when choosing, you should choose according to the overall style of your home. The color of the bathroom towel holder should match the faucet and mirror. If the border on the faucet is silver-white, the border on the bathroom towel holder should also be silver-white, or it can be borderless, but do not use gold to frame it, otherwise it will be very inconsistent.

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