Choosing Between Duble-Handle and Single-Handle Faucets

Characteristics of single-handle faucets

If your kitchen area is not large, then choosing a 1 hole kitchen faucet is suitable. With only one handle, you can adjust the water temperature and flow very conveniently. single-handle faucets are mainly divided into deck-mounted single-handle faucets and single-handle pull-down faucets.

Characteristics of double-handle faucets

Double handle kitchen faucet take up slightly more space than single-handle faucets, but are more functional and practical as they can use cold and hot water separately at the same time.

Deck-mounted double-handle faucets

The position of the holes on the sink determines whether this type of double handle wall mounted kitchen faucet can be used. With a matching product, two handles can control hot and cold water separately. If you have children at home, this type of faucet is safer, as it can avoid scalding accidents caused by not being able to distinguish between hot and cold water.

Wall-mounted faucets

You can freely choose different types of sinks according to your preferences, and make full use of the wall above the sink, which saves space and looks beautiful. However, because plumbing is rarely concealed in kitchen design, it is relatively difficult to repair, mainly because the pipes are all buried in the wall.

Which is better, double-handle or single-handle faucets?

For kitchen faucets, I suggest using single-handle faucets with longer handles. Because in the kitchen, we often hold other things or our hands are oily, so faucets that can be switched on and off with the back of the hand are much more convenient.

For shower faucets, if you use a gas water heater at home, it is more convenient to choose a double-handle faucet. Although many gas water heaters now have a constant temperature setting, since everyone’s body feels different, you still need to adjust the water temperature using the faucet.

With a regular single-handle faucet, when adjusting the water temperature, the water flow of both the hot and cold water pipes changes together, making it difficult to control. Using a double-handle faucet is much more convenient. Just turn on the hot water faucet first, then adjust the cold water faucet to the appropriate amount. And for some hot water heaters that do not have low-pressure start-up, since the water flow of the hot water pipe is always turned on, there will be no chance of the hot water heater turning off when adjusting the water temperature.

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