Introduction to the Use of Shower Faucets

Bathing is relatively common in people's lives, so when decorating the house, we must pay attention to the decoration skills of the house, and we must pay attention to the decoration of the bathroom. You can use the shower faucet to bathe. So how do you use the shower faucet? What should I pay attention to when using the shower faucet?

1. How to use the shower faucet

It is very important to choose a high-quality bathroom water faucet that is suitable for your bathroom space and usage habits. The size of the shower faucet should be selected according to the size of the bathroom space at home. This is not only related to the visual effect, but also determines whether you can have an ample shower space in the future; choose a shower faucet with a smooth and smooth tube body and surface plating.

Since the bathroom is relatively humid, the material requirements for the pipe body of the shower faucet are very high. In addition to all copper materials, the surface grinding, polishing and other processing processes are also indispensable. Anyone who has been renovated knows that the bathroom is probably the most complicated and the most important functional space to decorate. Although it is only a few square meters to a dozen or so square meters, faucets, shower faucets, wash basin sink faucet, and bath tub water faucet, toilets, etc. are all included, and various problems are naturally inevitable. Therefore, you must not delay the bathroom, and regular maintenance is also essential. Once a problem occurs in any of them, it is very likely to evolve into a major problem.

The number of times the shower faucet is switched on and off is about 300,000 times. You must pay attention to this when you buy it. Bathroom fixtures wholesale can be more but not less.

2. The use of shower faucet precautions

For the shower faucet, the most common problems are water leakage and the switch becomes astringent and loose. Sometimes, the leak has nothing to do with the faucet itself, but is caused by the aging, unstable water pressure or corrosion of the water supply hose that supplies the water to the faucet.

The water supply hose plays a very important role in the bathroom, but it is also a consumable item. If you neglect maintenance, once there are problems such as cracking and bursting, the consequences will be very serious. Therefore, experts recommend that we check or replace the water supply hose every 1 to 2 years or so. While replacing a water hose isn't a complicated task, it's best left to the property or a professional.

In addition, workers should pay attention to whether workers have installed angle valves on the wall during the initial renovation or when replacing the hose afterwards. Because the angle valve controls the switch of hot and cold water, it will be more convenient to replace the hose with it, otherwise the main gate must be closed, so it will not be so troublesome.

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