Reasons and Measures for Leaking Shower Faucets

As one of the most prone to various problems in the bathroom, the various problems of shower faucets have always plagued people. Among them, the problem of water leakage is the most serious and frequent one. To properly deal with a leaking shower faucet, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the causes and measures of the leak. So why do shower faucets leak? How to deal with it?

Ⅰ. The reasons for the leakage of the shower faucet

1. There is water leakage at the joint of the faucet nozzle: check whether the nut at the lower nozzle is loose. The solution is to tighten the nut or replace it with a new U-shaped gasket.

2. The faucet does not leak from the water outlet: this happens when the shaft gasket in the shower tap is worn. Bathroom water faucet solution: According to the size of the faucet, select the corresponding pliers to unscrew the faucet gland, and use the clip to take out the worn shaft gasket, and then replace the new auxiliary gasket to solve the problem.

3. The reason for the leakage of the gap at the lower part of the faucet bolt: it is caused by the wear of the triangular gasket in the gland. You can loosen the screw to remove the bolt head, then loosen and remove the gland, then take out the triangular gasket inside the gland and replace it with a new one.

Ⅱ. The specific operation steps of shower faucet leakage

1. If the cold and hot water faucet is controlled by a main water inlet valve, close the main valve. When the hot and cold water inlet pipes are separated, then close the corresponding two valves.

2. Use a flat-blade screwdriver to open the accessory "hot and cold standard (handle fixing screw hole plug)"; Buy bathroom accessories from Likegro.

3. Insert a flat-blade screwdriver into the handle fixing screw hole plug (hot and cold standard hole), and turn the screwdriver counterclockwise (left-handed) about 3 turns;

4. Grab the handle of the faucet with your left hand, pull it upwards, and tap the handle of the rear end of the screwdriver (must be non-metallic, otherwise it will damage the outer surface of the shower faucet), so that the accessory "water outlet handle" is separated;

5. Counterclockwise (left-handed) accessory "end cap", the end cap is separated from the main body;

6. Put the beginning of the adjustable wrench on the hexagonal position of the accessory "core tightening hexagonal sleeve", adjust the size of the beginning of the adjustable wrench, turn it counterclockwise, remove the ceramic valve core and check, if it is in good condition, turn it clockwise (right-hand), tighten it; if it is damaged, replace the new valve core.

7. Reinstall the accessories "end cap", "water outlet handle" and "hot and cold labels (be careful not to install the hot and cold sides in reverse)" as they are.

Shower faucets often leak due to various reasons, which are inevitable in almost every bathroom fixtures wholesale. If you leave it alone, it will not only waste water, but also cause safety hazards such as slipping and slipping due to the wet surface of the bathroom, and will also affect the sanitary environment of the bathroom. Through the above steps, we believe that you can solve the problem of shower faucet leakage by yourself.

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