What is a Stainless Steel Faucet? What is the Cleaning Method?

I believe everyone's first perception of stainless steel products is that they will not rust, which can ensure our hygiene. But if you don't pay attention to anything, it will appear dirty, maybe stainless steel products will not rust but will have other manifestations. Now Yuanmei Metal will tell you about the cleaning method of stainless steel bathroom faucet. Please see the introduction of cleaning stainless steel faucets below.

Ⅰ. Introduction of stainless steel faucet

With the development of science and technology and manufacturing technology, it is possible to use stainless steel to manufacture faucets. Stainless steel is an internationally recognized healthy material that can be implanted into the human body. It does not contain lead, and is acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and does not release harmful substances. Therefore, using stainless bar sink faucet will not pollute tap water sources and can ensure human health and hygiene.

Ⅱ. The advantages of stainless steel faucets

Safe and Guaranteed: The stainless steel faucet is safe and lead-free, no corrosion and seepage, no odor or cloudy issues. It will not cause secondary pollution to the water quality, keep the water quality pure and hygienic, and fully guarantee the hygiene and safety. Field corrosion test data show that the service life of stainless steel can reach 100 years, almost no maintenance is required during the life cycle, avoiding the cost and trouble of faucet replacement, and the operating cost is low, realizing the life span of stainless steel faucet and building.

Ⅲ. The selection method of stainless steel faucet

1. The choice of stainless steel faucet depends on the brightness. The surface chrome plating process of a good faucet is very particular, and it is usually completed after several processes. The quality of the faucet depends on its brightness. The smoother and brighter the surface, the better the quality.

2. Turn the handle. When turning the handle of a good stainless steel faucet, there is no excessive gap between the faucet and the switch, and it is easy to open and close without slipping. However, inferior faucets not only have a large gap, but also a large sense of obstruction.

3. Listen to the sound. The material of the stainless steel faucet is the most difficult to distinguish. A good faucet is integrally cast, and the sound is dull when tapped. If the sound is very brittle, it must be made of low-grade stainless steel, which contains more iron elements, and the quality will be one grade worse.

4. Identification mark. If you really can't tell the difference, you can choose a regular brand of stainless steel faucet. Generally, regular products have the brand logo of the manufacturer, while some informal products or some low-quality products are often only pasted with some paper labels, or even without any marks, so you must pay attention when purchasing.

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