Should the Toilet Seat Be Closed when the Toilet is Not in Use?

The toilet has a great impact on the hygiene of the home environment, so when using the toilet every day, you should pay attention to some hygiene issues of the toilet. However, some toilet usage habits do not usually feel anything, and it takes a long time to find that the impact is quite large. Just like a friend recently asked me a question, should the toilet be closed or opened when not in use? Let's analyze this problem with you, and see whether the toilet should be covered or uncovered when it is not in use.

The toilet usually does not need to cover the lid, just need to analyze which state has the most benefits. We analyze soft close toilet as follows:

1. The benefits of the cover

① Prevent the diffusion of dirty gas in the toilet. Although it is said that the smart wash toilet seat is relatively clean after flushing, it is not completely clean, and there are some residual odors, which is why the toilet must be thoroughly cleaned after it has been used for a long time. If the lid is not covered, this part of the odor residue will drift into the bathroom and even enter the home environment. In this case, the air quality of the home environment will be damaged, and even the spread of bacteria will occur, which is harmful to health. Usually do not cover the lid, you can reduce such hazards.

② Prevent items from falling into the toilet. Although the chance of dropping items into the toilet is relatively small, it is not good to occasionally accidentally drop a beloved item into the toilet, for example, some women's precious jewelry, cosmetics, etc., as well as in the toilet When playing on the phone, the phone, etc. Of course, there are also some children who throw things into the toilet, etc. If the toilet seat is usually closed, these concerns will disappear.

③ Prevent pets from going to the toilet to drink water. For friends who have dogs and cats at home, they may occasionally find that these pets go to the toilet to drink water, but usually do not use the toilet, and the cover can effectively prevent these helplessness.

④ The bathroom is relatively regular. The smart seat toilet is located in the bathroom. The lid of the toilet, including the toilet gasket, is uncovered, which seems to take up more space. If it is covered, the toilet will be more regular, and the bathroom will also feel more regular.

2. The benefits of opening the toilet seat

Keeping the toilet seat open also has the advantage that it is more convenient to use the toilet next time without having to open the toilet seat, which is more convenient.

From the analysis of the above two situations, we can see that there are many advantages of not using the toilet seat at ordinary times, and opening the lid is an advantage, that is, it is more convenient. I think that since the toilet itself is already equipped with a cover, its main function is to cover it, and the benefits of covering the cover are the above four benefits. As for convenience or not, I think in front of this benefit, it's not too much trouble, it's just a matter of raising your hand. Therefore, if the toilet is not used at ordinary times, the correct way is to cover the toilet seat.

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