Steps and Precautions for Dismantling the Face Basin Taps

Ⅰ. Why do you need to remove face basin taps?

Whether it is a ceramic basin or a faucet, it is actually a very important product. You must know that the face basin tap is an indispensable sanitary ware in the kitchen and bathroom. If the face basin tap is blocked or damaged, it will also cause "blockage" in normal life. In order to solve the problem of life blockage, we need to disassemble the face basin tap to check the fault. So how to scientifically disassemble the face basin tap?

Ⅱ. What are the steps to remove face basin taps?

1. The face basin tap is connected to the angle valve through the water inlet hose, and is fixed on the surface of the basin by the tightening nut. Locate the water inlet valve before starting to remove the face basin tap. Inlet valves are usually mounted on the wall below the pool. The angle valve needs to be screwed in to break the water, otherwise a lot of tap water is wasted in the process of removing the faucet.

2. After screwing in the angle valve, part of the water will remain in the water pipe, and the faucet will open to drain the remaining water.

3. When installing the face basin tap, you need to carefully install the water inlet and water inlet hose together with the angle valve. Moreover, when removing the faucet, you need to hold the water pipe with one hand, unscrew the wrench with one hand, and remove the faucet end of the water pipe joint.

4. After installing the face basin tap, it needs to be tightened after connecting the water inlet hose; the nut locks it, so after removing the water inlet hose, find the fastener of the face basin tap and unscrew it with pliers or a wrench. Remove the face basin tap.

Ⅲ. What to pay attention to when disassembling the face basin taps

Some of the hoses under the household faucet go deep into the pipe and take some effort to remove. This is because the spool holder can be screwed onto the faucet body during installation. You can use a longer screwdriver to unscrew counterclockwise from below, then push up on the valve plug seat and high pressure hose from the bottom. When you are at the top, take care not to damage the seal on the valve plug seat, then remove it.

It is better to follow the steps to disassemble the face basin tap. Of course, some water inlet hoses have a long service life, and brittle or rusted fasteners may prevent the water inlet hose from being unscrewed in one go. Then at this time, after dripping two or three drops of oil on the rusted parts, remove the face basin tap and use it after cleaning. You need to clean the sink connection port in time. Avoid sharp objects flowing into the water inlet pipe, which will make it last longer! At the same time, it is best for people to maintain the faucet in their daily life at this time to reduce obstruction.

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