The Structure and Replacement of Kitchen Faucet

In all of our kitchens, faucets are essential, and after purchasing a kitchen faucet, a good kitchen faucet structure and installation determine the use effect of the kitchen faucet. Understand some structures of kitchen faucets and the methods and steps of installation and replacement from kitchen faucet manufacturers, so that we can have a better use effect.

Ⅰ. The structure of the kitchen faucet

The kitchen faucet is composed of a main body, a valve core, a handle, a water filter, a water outlet, and installation components. Some faucets also have check valves, bubblers, fixing bolts, fixing copper sheets, gaskets, bent feet, hoses, pass gauges, stop gauges, etc. Different faucets will be somewhat different.

Ⅱ. How to replace the kitchen faucet?

1. The first step is to first turn off the water inlet valve and the water outlet valve. In order to prevent the water from being sprayed suddenly when the faucet is tested, then put your hand under the sink, and reach inside the faucet. There is a fixed screw, and the It is unscrewed, and it can be unscrewed by hand under normal circumstances. This operation is to remove the original kitchen faucet.

2. Find two clean water inlet pipes from home. If you can't find them, you can go to the store and buy them in general stores. Connect these two water inlet pipes to the faucet. There are two water inlet pipes, one is long and the other is short, this is designed for quick and convenient installation, we have to install the short one first and then the long one.

3. Then put the two water inlet pipes that were just connected to the faucet into a small black hole left before the sink, and find a nut to fix the bottom of the faucet.

4. Connect the other end of the two water inlet pipes to the water inlet pipe. If your kitchen faucet has cold and hot water, then remember to distinguish the two water inlet pipes.

5. Finally, wrap a layer of waterproof tape on the faucet, then tighten the faucet with the help of tools, then open the water inlet valve, enter the water, and then check for any leaks. (I remind everyone here that when doing the above things, be sure to turn off the water inlet valve first.)

In fact, the kitchen faucet is the most frequently used thing. If the faucet leaks, it is not only a waste of water resources, but everyone knows the story of dripping water through the stone. The sound of the faucet dripping for a long time and the humidity of the kitchen for a long time will affect the physical and mental health of yourself and your family. At this time, we need to patiently check out the problem with the faucet, and then solve it step by step according to the above solutions.

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