Who Needs a Smart Seat Toilet the Most?

The emergence of smart seat toilet

Now is the era of intelligence, and the concept of comfortable and intelligent home has been widely promoted. More and more goods are gradually moving towards intelligence. A good toilet can relieve the tension of a day's work and relax the body and mind, after all, it is a product that directly contacts intimate parts. The use requires caution. With the continuous innovation and development of multifunctional bathroom, the more comprehensive function design and more comfortable experience reflect the user's pursuit of comfortable and healthy life. Sanitation and health are the major characteristics of smart seat toilet. The surface of traditional toilets is easily contaminated by harmful bacteria, which is not conducive to human health. However, smart seat toilets can reduce bacterial infections and make you feel at ease to use. Isn't that great? Then, which groups of people are suitable for fully intelligent toilets?

The need for smart seat toilet

Every family needs it: 

The pile of toilet paper after defecation accumulates in the bathroom bin, becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. It not only pollutes the home environment but also becomes a source of virus transmission. After using the smart seat toilet, there is no need to wipe with paper, which can save you the trouble of cleaning the bin, and thoroughly block the source of environmental pollution and virus transmission to protect your and your family's health.

Everyone needs it: 

There are more than 10,000 folds of various pollutants and bacteria on the surface of the buttocks skin. When the hands are dirty, it is difficult to wipe them clean with paper due to the folds. Moreover, most of the toilet papers are recycled paper, adding fluorescent whitening agents or talcum powder to waste paper, which is in contact with the skin for a long time, easy to cause leukemia.

Fashionable women need it: 

External genitalia hygiene is crucial for women's health, and 60% of gynecological diseases are caused by pollution of the external genitalia. Cleaning the external genitalia is the first line of defense against gynecological diseases. Women often feel inconvenient to clean during menstrual periods and before and after childbirth. The smart wash toilet seat is specially designed with female cleaning function, gently washing the female special parts with soft and warm water, keeping the body refreshed and preventing the invasion of bacteria.

Hemorrhoid and constipation patients need it: 

Everyone will encounter such problems more or less. The smart seat toilet is specially designed with defecation and cleaning functions, which can massage the acupoints around the anus, lubricate the intestines, soften and decompose the dry and clumped feces, help defecation, eliminate constipation, and perform enema detoxification.

The elderly with weak body need it: 

With the increase of age, various functions of the body will gradually decline, including defecation function. Difficulty in defecation is almost a problem encountered by all elderly people. It is very dangerous for the elderly to bend down or bow their heads, which can easily induce diseases such as hypertension and cerebral hemorrhage and cannot be ignored.

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